About the Blog

Hi to anyone reading this,

I am a 21 year old girl who has suffered with dyslexia my whole life, through school and even onto University. I am writing this little blog to try and help at least one person who might be feeling the same way I did or even a parent who might be having a difficult time understanding why their child or children are acting or feeling a certain way (I know my parents definitely did!). I am no professional but I am here telling my story through my experience and what helped me gain confidence as well as enjoyment in learning, which would have NEVER come out of my mouth before!

I am also linking up with Oaka Books who are an amazing business who make revision guides especially for dyslexic children but it honestly works for anyone who might need to change up how they are learning! They offer so many fun games to help children engage with their learning but also enjoy it so it does actually stay in their brain and not so straight through it like my work definitely did! I would have LOVED to have something like Oaka Books through my schools days to help me with my work.

Please feel free to message me giving me some advice, I am very open to help! 


Little side note, Oaka Books does not pay me for liking them, I just personal love their products.​

Enjoy 🙂